Grazie a tutti!

Thank you to all the pilgrims. As His Eminence, Cardinal Cañizares told the organizers tonight during a friendly supper: “It was moving to feel how fervent and reverent was the congregation.” If we had a great Catholic day today, it’s mostly because of the single pilgrims. You trusted us while we were nobody and Our Lady obtained all of us more than we expected. Deo Gratias!

Guillaume Ferluc
Segretario Generale del pellegrinaggio

La processione in vista della basilica

Un pensiero riguardo “Grazie a tutti!

  1. Even more!
    He himself celebrated for all those people, the Venerable Rite of the Church… that is a SURE SIGN of his “traditional heart”… was a wonderful thing to have a Tridentine Mass celebrated on public, on the Most Holy Cathedral of the Christianity by the most elevated man on the christianity…


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